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Finally!!! A Simple Forex Strategy That Will ALWAYS Work...

Let Me Show You How You Could Make Make Tons of Money Using This Powerful Forex Strategy Grabbing Up to 700 Pips Each Trade

From: Brad Dixon, Professional Trader

Dear Frustrated Trader,

I've got some SHOCKING news for you!

Forex has changed... forever.

“Robots” have failed...

“Automated systems” keep losing...

If you were making the pips you want in Forex, you wouldn’t be reading this page right now... searching for an answer.
You're success in Forex depends on what you're going to do from this moment.

All the complicated and automated "systems" and "black boxes" are a thing of the past. Your trading is about to change immediately.

It's not about advanced technology. It's all about tried, tested and proven strategies.

Did you know that the EUR/USD currency pair moves around 150 pips every day?... And that the GBP/USD pair typically moves more than 130 pips every day?

That's almost 300 pips each day... and only on these two pairs!

Now, consider some more of the other major currency pairs, and you've got over 1000 pips of movement EVERY day.

Grabbing a small slice (just 50 pips each trade) from this movement is very realistic.


It's Not Get-Rich_Quick...

If you're thinking this is some kind of a "magic pill" - it's NOT!!!

But, if you're looking for a simple, accurate, step-by-step strategy to make consistent profits, then you're in the right place.

Do you know what is the most significant thing that separates amateur traders from pro traders?

It's the confidence... confidence in their trading strategy.

When you trade, are you concerned about your next trade? It's going to be a winner or a loser?

Do you get anxious and close your trades early - or even revenge trade, making silly "mistakes", that you regret just minutes later?

All these can easily be stopped!

It's true that ...

Pro Traders Are Different To Other Traders

They don't use "secret" systems, or "advanced" indicators. They do have something else though.

They have a PROCESS. I know this may sound strange - but I'm very serious!

Pro traders know that there are many profitable trading strategies - and they all starts with one solid strategy.

They also know that "set and forget" systems don't working in the long run - they've been there and done that!

To start your success as a Forex trader you should take a solid strategy and make it your own. It's like making sure you have a solid foundation when building a house - the house is only as good as the foundation it is built on.

I'm really talking to traders who are fed-up with the garbage that other people call Forex "products".

You only need a reasonable amount of brains, Don't be one of those who fall for the promises of "click and be rich".

I'm not offering a "click and be rich" product. Absolutely NOT. I'm talking about making steady progress, using a tried and tested strategy, and using common sense to profit from the Forex markets.

I'd like to present to you: The Pips Kidnapper...


The Pips Kidnapper is a tried and tested strategy that has stood the test of time.

Checkout some of the trades we had with "The Pips Kidnapper"




Does it guarantee 50 pips every trade? Of course not. Nothing is certain in the Forex market.

But, you should use it as your foundation and start building your process with a solid strategy. This process is how you will improve, over time, to really earn big money from Forex.

"So What Am I Getting in The Pips Kidnapper?"

You're getting a total step-by-step trading strategy that you can download instantly.

Here is what recent customers have said about The Pips Kidnapper...

"Brad, I've traded divergence on many occasions but it never dawned on me that a whole system of trading could be built on divergence! I know how profitable a single divergence setup can be but multiply that by many times, as you explain in your course, and WOW! What a system you've created and with such simplicity, ease of explanation and not to mention profitability! (I've already back tested it and boy does it work!) This is not that same old, trite, worn out, 40 page long, "turn you off" sales letter that hawks a system or EA that will not work when you finally get it loaded into your computer hours and e-mails later! All of this for $27 bucks! Are you kidding me! And when I purchased your system, you didn't even try to sell me an upgrade or "the system that works on all pairs" or any other ridiculous sort of thing! When I finished reading your course, I found you giving me another e-book on the subject with even more explanation - FREE! I wasn't expecting that, however that is exactly hat you said you would do! You said you wanted to give your buyers more value than they were expecting! You certainly did that, my friend! It's so nice to finally have someone that is honest and a man of his word! This is a great value anyone can afford and the bonuses are great too! I don't feel ripped off like I have felt with so many other "great deals"! How refreshing! I have been trading for 15 years and this, no doubt, will be one of the best systems I have in my trading arsenal! Thanks Brad! You are a gentleman and a FOREX scholar!!!! Congratulations on such GENIUS! May you get everything out of life you want for helping so many of us get what we want! For those of you who are reading this and you are on the fence. Get down off the fence. Take it from me this is the Real Deal! Buy it! You won't be sorry! And you won't have to excercise the guarantee either! (Thanks J.J. for sharing with me about this system, you weren't wrong about Brad or his system!) I owe you both o! ne!" - Robert P.

"After many years of analysing and testing trading systems and strategies, I finally can see the light with The Pips Kidnapper. It is a simple & logical strategy with core technical fundamentals that withstands the test of time covering all aspects of a trading plam. A true blueprint for success for all levels." - Meir B.

"easy and plentiful cant wait to use it with a real trading account" - Mark.

"I like your system. It feels very reliable if applied with rigurosity. Thanks for your interest in our success." - Ignacio.

"I am excited about the last a simple way of profitable trading..." - Itay.

"The pips kidnapper will be one of by best trading strategies that I have added to my arsenal. By best advice to new traders is: always , always , have a stop loss attached to any trade . The pips kidnapper gave me the right point where the stop loss must be put for any trading order." - Simon.

"At last...a system and strategy that even a beginner can follow and learn from. If I could understand it.. anyone can!. Thanks for the simplicity. I spent so much time searching for something that was not so confusing. I'm already having major success. You have made it so much easier...Thanks" - Steve.

"finally a system that shows you a propper way to trade divergence." - Bernt.

"Awsome strategy, thank you!!" - Lora K.

"Hi, the strategy is seemingly good and the author is honest in approach." - Prasad.

"I have been searching something like that for a long time. It seems to be very logical after reading it cople of times." - Jow F.

"e-book was well written and explained." - Dung H.

"Strategy is easy to follow. Can't wait to try it Sunday night." - James C.

This is not a "system" or any kind of "robot". There is no automatic button-clicking and nervous waiting.


I provide you a strict set of rules to follow...

95% Of The Decision Making Is Done For You!

If you can follow a few simple rules then you're halfway there! I'm going to reveal a little of the strategy here...

Firstly, we trade indicators divergence on price action. This not only lowers our risk but increases our win-rate too!

The rules of The Pips Kidnapper ensure that we only enter at the lowest possible risk. The strategy does this by using some indicators for confirmation.

The stop loss we get are usually in the 20 - 45 pips range, which you know, if you're familiar with trading Forex, is extremely small.

The Pips Kidnapper offers...
  • A proven, tried-and-tested and profitable strategy
  • Metatrader4™ special indicator that help you spot the right market conditions to enter trades
  • You are also going to get the Metatrader4™ template and profile that I personally use (no messing about trying to set-up charts!).
  • Explained step-by-step in great detail
  • A lot of Trading Examples
  • Extremely simple to trade
  • Easy-to-follow rules
  • Low-risk entries
  • Specific target and stop loss points
  • A highly effective trade management strategy
  • High Reward-to-Risk ratio on trades
  • Ability to trade any currency pair
  • Rules on when to stay out of the market

Still Have Questions?

Q: How Much Time I Need To Invest for Trading The Pips Kidnapper?

A: The Pips Kidnapper is working with any timeframe! You can use it for scalping (5M, 15M...) and you can use it with higher timeframes like 1H, 4H or even with daily chart. So you can trade when ever you want, it's up to you.


Q: Will The Pips Kidnapper Stop Working In The Future?

A:It is impossible for this strategy to stop working because it is based on market principles that cannot change. I have gone through stock charts (yes, it works on stocks too!) that are 100 years-old. I did this by hand to prove to a group of traders how the principles don't change. The Pips Kidnapper will always work as long as there are people trading!


Q: Do I Need To Any Additional Products, Software Or Services When I Order The Pips Kidnapper?

A: Absolutely not. EVERYTHING is in the single download that will access immediately after purchase. The only requirement is that you have access to charting software (we recommend Metatrader4 as it is FREE - no need to open accounts or spend money on services you don't need).


Q: Will You Try To Sell Me More Products Or Tell Me That I Require Other Products/Services?

A: As with my above answer - I will not push any other products on you. The Pips Kidnapper is the total package and nothing more is required. No "fancy" software. No "advanced" upsells. The Pips Kidnapper contains everything you need in one quick-and-easy download.


Q: How Do I Get Access To The Pips Kidnapper ?

A: After clicking the 'Order Now' button, you will be taken directly to the secure order-page. Once you have submitted your order you will be taken to a page where you will be able to download The Pips Kidnapper right away.


Q: How Do I Know I Will Get My Money Back If I'm Not Totally Satisfied With The Pips Kidnapper?

A: I use Clickbank as my payment processor. Clickbank is a secure online service used by millions of individuals to purchase online products quickly, easily and securely. Clickbank guarantee a 60-day money-back guarantee on all products sold.


Q: Do You Provide Support?

A: If you have questions then I will answer them as promptly as I can. I have written The Pips Kidnapper in a very easy-to-follow and step-by-step way that should be extremely clear to even totally new traders. If you have questions before or after purchase then feel free to contact me.

The Pips Kidnapper is different from most of the other Forex "products" out there - this strategy really works!

You will get the total strategy and there is nothing else you need to buy or subscribe to. Once you have ordered you will be taken directly to the instant download page.

There are no upsells to "better" products - this is the BEST product. I can't improve on this even if I tried.

Totally Risk Free

With The Pips Kidnapper you get 100% no-questions-asked, 60-day money-back guarantee.

If you're not jumping with excitement at how effective The Pips Kidnapper is... I will personally give you all your money back!


After You've tried just about everything that doesn't really work in Forex - it's time to get serious about trading.

No more false promises and over-hype from "gurus" and internet marketers. It's time for you to change your trading NOW!

Click the 'Order Now' button below and in under 60 seconds you will have direct access to The Pips Kidnapper.

The Pips Kidnapper is the Forex strategy that is going to be responsible for every profitable trade you make from now on.

What I’m offering you right here, right now is exclusive access to my own personal Forex system.

I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse...

Not only are you going to get the exact system I use every day - but I'm going to give you access to an EXCLUSIVE BONUS:

Exclusive Bonus #1

`CCI Signal` Indicator

This Amazing indicator will give you direct signals for buy and sell using small blue and red arrows.

It has a minimal lag and a relatively high accuracy!

Worth $47!

Still not enough? Okay, I'm going to give you something else to boost your profits.

The next crazy bonus I'm going to give you will make your trading easier - a LOT easier...

Exclusive Bonus #2

`Bar Clock` Indicator

See in an instant when the current candle will close (improve your timing with more deadly-accurate trade entries).

Time displayed in 'minutes:seconds' at the top left of the chart (no more staring at the screen trying to figure out the best time to enter).

Worth $47!

How much more do you want? Right, I'm really pushing the boat out here for you...

I'm going to give you a complete system for trading "in your spare time":

Exclusive Bonus #3

`The Weekend System`

This killer system requires only a few minutes per week to trade (I'm not kidding - it takes just a few minutes, once-a-week to trade!).

Up to 90% accuracy (It may be hard to believe - it's true though, but you don't get trades every day).

Keep doing your ordinary pip-making trading (this system is just "bonus pips" for you in your spare time!).

Extremely big Reward:Risk (sometimes your R:R can be as high as 10-pips risk for 100-pips gain!).

Very simple - and VERY easy (this is a total no-brainer system... just check your charts, take the trade and collect the pips!).

Trades made by placing orders (there is no screen-watching required - so you're free to do what you want while the market hits your targets!).

Worth $67!

That's well over $160 of bonuses you're getting absolutely FREE - when you decide to access The Pips Kidnapper right now!

I want everyone who is not making money in Forex right now to have a chance.

I don’t want to leave anyone behind!

This is why I’m going to offer my system to you for the insanely low price of just $47!

Yes, you read that correctly – you’re getting instant access to my tried-and-proven system (and ALL the bonuses!) for less than a quarter of the price of any other so-called "system" out there.

100% Secure Order Form

YES! I Want To Finally Make REAL Money In Forex...

I fully understand that The Pips Kidnapper is absolutely risk-fr ee and that I have a bullet-proof, 60-day-no-questions-asked, mo ney-back guarantee for only $27.

I also understand that I will not be sold anything else and that when I click the 'Order Now' button I will be taken directly to the 100% secure checkout page as shown below:


Order via Clickbank's secure payment servers. Instant access.

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The Pips Kidnapper is provided in instantly downloadable, electronic PDF format via a download link - you will require Adobe Acrobat Reader (or similar software) to view The Pips Kidnapper.

Important: Your order is placed safely via Clickbank's 256-bit secure server and you will be directed to the download page straight after payment - even if it's 2 a.m.!

Wishing you the greatest success,


Brad Dixon, The Pips Kidnapper

p.s.: Remember The price of The Pips Kidnapper will almost certainly not be around for ever and is only available for $27 right now so get your copy now!

p.p.s.: You get an iron-clad, 100% money-back guarantee for the next 60 days. You must act now to secure your copy of The Pips Kidnapper!